Rising Prosperity: Powering Up Your Investing Confidence

Hello, power ladies! It's Jasmine here again, excited to walk with you on your path to financial freedom. This week, we're exploring the exciting world of bold investment - a journey full of possibilities and strength.

In investing, we can beat our fears and turn challenges into wins. Let's bravely kick-off this financial adventure, all set to experience its riches. I'm here to spark action and nurture your confidence every step of the way.

My Current Reads

This week, I've been digging into a powerful and insightful article that really caught my attention. The key message? Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making informed investment decisions.

In our complex and unpredictable financial world, having a clear roadmap can light our way forward. It can guide us towards smart, informed investment choices and help us avoid common financial pitfalls. This isn't just about being savvy with our money - it's about empowering ourselves and securing a better financial future.


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Ordinary Actions, Extraordinary Results: Inspiring Women to Embrace Financial Empowerment

Hello my lovely ladies, this is Jasmine speaking directly to your phenomenal selves! I trust this message meets you embracing the might and magic that lies within you. Warm up those tea kettles, find your favorite comfy spot and get ready to dive into our exciting recap of the week - brimming with the fuel to drive your investment journey.

What I am Reading

Currently, I am revisiting and rekindling my bond with Brandon Turner's transformative book, The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing. It's like a mine filled with treasured tips, techniques, and truths about property investing. If you're just starting or thinking about property investment, this book is your key. I revisit and always extract new insights, proving learning truly is a continuous journey.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The moment we've been eagerly awaiting is finally here! I'm over the moon to unveil a snapshot of my passion...

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Empowerment, Joy, and Growth: Celebrating Another Year

Hey, Girl Hey! I'm back and buzzing with excitement to share more gems from the path that has become my passion.  I believe these experiences can help you in your own journey.

Like everyone, my journey is filled with ups and downs. But all of these shaped me and helped me grow. These lessons are more than just points on a timeline; they’re a part of me and motivate me to continue in this exciting world of real estate investing.


What's On My Bookshelf

This week, I'm diving headfirst into "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek. Y'all, this book is a game-changer. Whenever I'm coaching, the first question I pose is, "What's your WHY?" Knowing your 'why' is like having a compass on this journey. It keeps you aligned and focused. So, in our upcoming 3-Day challenge, we're gonna dig deep into our 'whys' using this book's framework to catapult you toward your goals.


Something I Photographed

Guess what? I just celebrated another trip around the sun on September 4th! I...

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Balling On A Budget? 5 Steps To Creating A Budget That Works For You!

Balling On A Budget? 5 Steps To Creating A Budget That Works For You!

Let's keep it real popular culture doesn't celebrate budgeting. We're living in an Instagram-- Big Birkin Bag --Affluence equals followers world, and budgeting does not fit the aesthetic.

There is also a common misconception that budgeting is not something that wealthy people have to worry about, right?...


News Flash: Ballers Budget, even if you don't see it on their social media feeds. And if you're declaring 2023 as the year of your Financial Turnaround, you must learn how to make budgeting work for you--Luckily, I have a blueprint that has worked for myself and the hundreds of women I've worked with inside my Real Estate Coaching Business. 

In this week's episode of the Women, Wealth, and Impact Podcast, I 5 Steps To Creating A Budget that works for YOU.

If you identify as a:

Yo-yo saver (save a lot, blow it fast)

Living paycheck to paycheck

Someone working hard as heck but having no idea...

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Abundant Real Estate Investing: The Real Solution

real estate investing Apr 04, 2022

To tell you the truth, the road to abundant real estate investing isn’t always as hard as it seems. Don’t you know that real estate investing is more than just meeting with sellers, clients, and lenders? 

It’s finding that perfect community you will fit in. That perfect tribe that will support you as you go along your journey? Remember that market and technology are constantly changing. 

The most important thing to do to keep up? It’s to stay knowledgeable in the industry, in your journey. And this only means that you need to learn from your co-investors.

It’s the last week of March, how do you feel about it? It feels like we just entered the 3rd month of 2022 yesterday, right?

Here I am, wishing you another colorful new month with lots of achievements and promises fulfilled! Are you excited about April? Well, I sure am ‘cause there are a lot of things going on, so better prepare yourself!

Don’t forget, every ending has a...

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