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Feb 22 | The Women, Wealth Impact Podcast

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About The Women, Wealth, Impact Podcast

If you’ve heard the words “real estate investing” and thought of old men in suits making important phone calls and buying high-rise buildings, I’m here to tell you anyone can become a real estate investor. Even you... especially you!

I’m Jasmine Williams and I’m so excited to welcome you to The Women, Wealth, Impact Podcast. After years of living paycheck to paycheck and not having foundational knowledge of basic financial literacy, I said ENOUGH and took control of my money and future.

I worked hard as a realtor, REALLY hard. But it didn’t solve my money issues. Not too long ago I was a broke single mom of two and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted my legacy to be. I needed a plan to generate income and start saving.

And along the way, I found my purpose to educate women on the importance of real estate investing and how it can be accessible to anyone. Today, I help women dominate the world of real estate and realize their full potential. I help women elevate their finances through real estate investing and homeownership.

This podcast is for women that have had enough of financial instability, and are ready to create a plan for success for themselves and their families through money planning, homeownership, and learning real estate investing. I’m not saying it will be an easy road, but I am saying it will be 100% worth the hard work.

It really is possible to create a future of financial freedom with zero cents in your bank account. You have to start somewhere and I’m glad you’re starting here with me!

As your passionate and dedicated real estate investing coach, I’ll walk with you as we pave the way towards the financially stable future you’ve been dreaming of – one (lucrative) brick at a time.




Jasmine is the best. I’ve been following her for sometime now and I love how she empowers women to reach their goals. I love that she is down to earth and can relate to single mothers and their struggles.



I am continually amazed at the strength and tenacity of Jasmine Williams. Listening to this podcast gave me even more in-site into the trials an tribulations she grew through to be where she is today. Strong and resilient, Jasmine is an inspiration to all of us.

Elaine Broaster


Informative, encouraging, and motivating!! Jas always makes me feel like I can do it all and have it all! I’m sharing the podcast to the women I know that will find value as well.



Jasmine is such a blessing to women ! Always motivating & giving us game to the real estate world
Check the podcast out ladies ❤️

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