“Should I Even Buy Real Estate in 2024?”

Are you a woman in aiming for financial independence? As we enter 2024, the journey towards realizing your life goals with purpose has never been more exciting. In this week's episode of the Wealthy Women Cirle Live show, Jasmine uncovers transformative strategies for women to leverage real estate for financial empowerment and independence.

This post will guide you through essential strategies for real estate investment and financial planning tailored specifically for women. From effective saving tactics to understanding market dynamics in 2024, it's your roadmap to becoming a knowledgeable investor aligned with your life goals and purpose.

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#1: Saving Strategies for Potential Buyers 

An essential aspect for women...

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From Fear to Freedom: Fear-Overcoming Strategies in Real Estate Investing

Ladies, treading through the complex realm of real estate investment may seem difficult, but it is far from impossible. With courage, determination, and the right guidance, your fears are mere obstacles awaiting to be conquered. 

Let this guide equip you with sound strategies grounded in The Journey Framework, readying you to face those investment fears head-on. Intended to inspire and empower, let's dismantle the mystique of real estate investing together, replacing apprehension with assertion. Your investment journey begins here, and it is one marked by strength, wisdom, and success.

Fear: The Unseen Launchpad in a Woman's Real Estate Investment Journey

Fear, it's a universal human emotion, typically triggered by perceived threats. While fear may urge us to retreat or protect ourselves, it can also serve as a powerful motivator, spurring us to step into unknown territories and grow. For us women navigating the real estate investment landscape, fear is not a barrier—it's...

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Rising Prosperity: Powering Up Your Investing Confidence

Hello, power ladies! It's Jasmine here again, excited to walk with you on your path to financial freedom. This week, we're exploring the exciting world of bold investment - a journey full of possibilities and strength.

In investing, we can beat our fears and turn challenges into wins. Let's bravely kick-off this financial adventure, all set to experience its riches. I'm here to spark action and nurture your confidence every step of the way.

My Current Reads

This week, I've been digging into a powerful and insightful article that really caught my attention. The key message? Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making informed investment decisions.

In our complex and unpredictable financial world, having a clear roadmap can light our way forward. It can guide us towards smart, informed investment choices and help us avoid common financial pitfalls. This isn't just about being savvy with our money - it's about empowering ourselves and securing a better financial future.


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Ordinary Actions, Extraordinary Results: Inspiring Women to Embrace Financial Empowerment

Hello my lovely ladies, this is Jasmine speaking directly to your phenomenal selves! I trust this message meets you embracing the might and magic that lies within you. Warm up those tea kettles, find your favorite comfy spot and get ready to dive into our exciting recap of the week - brimming with the fuel to drive your investment journey.

What I am Reading

Currently, I am revisiting and rekindling my bond with Brandon Turner's transformative book, The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing. It's like a mine filled with treasured tips, techniques, and truths about property investing. If you're just starting or thinking about property investment, this book is your key. I revisit and always extract new insights, proving learning truly is a continuous journey.

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The moment we've been eagerly awaiting is finally here! I'm over the moon to unveil a snapshot of my passion...

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Wealthy Women Blueprint: 5 Easiest Steps to Follow Your Wealthy Women Blueprint


I have a confession: I've never been particularly interested in money. 

Sure, I've always dreamed of being rich (what kid hasn't), but my initial interest in personal finance was about helping others and less about making sure my bank accounts were swimming in cash.

However, as I've gotten older, became a mom, and started my
Real Estate Investing Business, I've realized that having wealth comes with benefits! And those benefits shouldn't be available to more women of color #period.

Luckily for me (and you!), there are plenty of ways to make your dreams of financial freedom come true if you're ready to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve them. 

So here's the deal: Wealthy women have a financial blueprint that they use to gain financial success. This blog post can help you map your Blueprint if you're ready. 

Identify Your Personal Blueprint

Wealthy women understand that their Blueprint is as unique as their DNA. Your Blueprint is simply a...

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Women Investing In Real Estate: What Women Can Do To Increase Their Wealth

Women Investing In Real Estate: What Women Can Do To Increase Their Wealth

Women often face unique challenges when investing in real estate. Learn how to navigate these obstacles and find out how to start investing today. 

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for women to make these mistakes 

  1. To not feel confident in an investment because it doesn't make sense to them 

    1. A recent Forbes article outlined what makes a real estate investment a good deal. https://www.forbes.com/sites/taramastroeni/2018/12/13/real-estate-math-how-to-tell-if-an-investment-property-is-a-good-buy/?sh=621b68f86437
    2. Using rules and simple math equations to calculate exactly how much or what makes a deal decent is essential 
    3. What happens when you commit to educating yourself about investing? Most women will see that it's not that hard; it's easier than you think. 
  2. I need more time to focus on investing.

    1. Even though investing in real estate full-time can be time-intense, starting...
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Financial Stability: Revolutionize Your Life

financial independence May 09, 2022
financial stability


Reaching financial stability need not be an exercise in self-deprivations, it’s taking the initiative to realize your dreams. How amazing can that be? When you reach financial stability, you feel confident with yourself, with your situation. 

This may sound like a dream but financial stability is something you too can achieve!

Hey! How’s it going so far? New months always are exciting for me, it feels like a reset! 

You do know that starting last Thursday, I’ve decided to change up our email format. Why? For us to get to know more of each other. Sharing more of my knowledge about leveraging Real Estate to create wealth has become my life work.

Here we go!



Let me tell you about this amazing book. (I’m still reading it, but trust me YOU need to read this one!) “Woman Evolve”. It’s about how Sarah Jakes Roberts, the...

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Financial Independence: Get Your Goals!

financial independence Mar 02, 2022
goal getter


When it comes to pursuing your goal, that financial independence that you want; there’s no excuse that will be acceptable! Yes, you’re right; it is that time of the year again to plan and set personal goals in your life.

Remember, your only limit is your mind. What more if your goals are to achieve financial independence, be debt-free, and be secure with your finances!

But I also know that there are times when you feel too scared to take the leap. You miss the chance for you to grow and finally establish control within you and the stability of your future.

That’s why I always emphasize the importance of planning and setting your GOALS the right way. So if you always feel lost when it comes to setting goals, you are in the right place. Trust me, this is the sign for you to start using a Goal Setting Planner.

Goal planning, especially when it involves your finances can really be...

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