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The Wealthy Woman Club is a community committed to helping you create a plan where your money works for you and you gain the support you need to obtain ownership.


Joining the membership will give you access to :

  • Creating Better Money Habits
  • Learn together in a supportive environment
  • Participate in money challenges
  • We will learn the basics of getting your credit prepared to purchase real estate
  • Learn how to build a savings plan
  • Structure a growth plan for your money through stock investing
  • Put together a Home Buyer Goal Plan
  • Implement ways to have extra income amplifying your gifts
  • Learn the beginning steps to learn how to invest in real estate



 Live Sessions With Me

 Expert sessions with individualized wealth-building strategies

 The first The 100 members will get a welcome gift

 Individualized feedback on wealth assessments

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Upsell Digital Planner + The Wealth Creating Challenge

Wealth Building 7 Day Challenge + Digital Planner


Get our Digital Planner + The Wealth Creating Challenge and put an end to feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to your finances. Never battle with having more month than paycheck, mismanaged finances, or delayed wealth-building again! 


The Wealth Creating Challenge gives you all the strategies I used to go from negative balances to building a rental portfolio that pays me. The purpose of this is to get past the rough patches of not educating yourself and live the abundant lifestyle you deserve.


  • If you have staying organized when it comes to building wealth then the digital planner will assist with making sure you have the proper steps for financial success. 
  • The simple fact is that you need a high credit score to obtain the luxuries and necessities you want in life. Our Wealth Create challenge has a checklist of 10 things you must do to raise your score by 100 points.
  • This program will help you realize your wealthy potential and help you reach your financial goals even if you never thought it was possible